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How to Significantly Improve Your Bathroom

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Water saving toilets
Did you know that the first American patent for the “plunger closet,” which was a toilet, was granted in 1857? Bathrooms have become standard in most American homes, and a variety of fixtures are often present in bathrooms. There are several types of bathroom fixtures available, and each one can improve your bathroom in its own way. 1. Sink cabinet. A sink cabinet, also known as a vanity, is a combination of a bathroom sink and the storage enclosure that surrounds it. Although vanities come in several designs and styles, corner bathroom sink cabinets are convenient additions to bathrooms. Corner bathroom sink cabinets not on

Awesome Wooden Plantation Shutters are Far More Than Armor for Your Home

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Plantation shutters sydney
Q: “What do you call a broken window?” A: “A pain in the glass!” Whether that joke made you guffaw or not, broken windows are a problem that virtually every homeowner has to deal with at some point. Whether a stick go dislodged from a tree during a windstorm or kids playing ball in the yard got a bit out of hand, fixing broken windows is certainly a pain and can be expensive. So when thinking about upgrading window treatments, wooden plantation shutters might be the best option. They are strong enough to provide a bit of protection against weather and shenanigans alike. However, that is hardly the only or best reason to invest in exterior plantation shutters. Choosing Continue Reading No Comments

Accentuate Your Gardens With High End Landscape Lighting

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There are many good reasons to ramp up your landscaping efforts for your home. A quality landscaping job that includes high end landscape lighting can increase the resale value of a building by up to 14%. Money Magazine states that landscaping can bring a recover value between 100% and 200% at selling time. Trees play an important role in the benefits of good landscaping designs. For instance, the USEPA notes that tress can reduce bothersome noise by up to 50 percent and can also mask noises with pleasant sounds. Additionally, a tree that shades an outdoor air condition can increase the efficiency of the unit by 10%. Not only will beautiful landscaping that looks nice complete with high end landscape lighting, but also that well maintained lawn helps reduce allergens such as ragweed. So landscaping can also