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The Most Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

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Price for carpet installation
Whether you’re considering buying new carpeting or flooring, there are countless options from which to choose. Just choosing among the various types of hardwood flooring installations can be confusing enough. So if you’ve yet to decide if you’d prefer flooring or carpeting you have your work cut out for you. Regardless of the kind of floor covering you choose, we are living in an era when more people than ever are making more eco-friendly choices in many facets of their lives. Even it they don’t even realize it companies that manufacture consumer and commercial good are also utilizing greener materials and methods of production. This is exactly the case when it comes to carpeting and flooring companies. For example, more flooring companies are choosing to use bamboo because of its sustainabili

How to Clean Water Damage

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Fire and water damage restoration
Hard as you may try, sometimes you can’t prevent water damage. It might leak in through new cracks you didn’t know were there, or perhaps you weren’t prepared for a flash flood. Either way, you’re now tasked with cleaning water damage. The first thing you should know about cleaning water damage is that you never want to let it just sit there. You’ve got to act as fast as possible. Even just an inch of water in the basement can have serious repercussions. It could ruin all the things you store down there or even ruin the foundations of your home. It also creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, which creates an unsafe environment and can cause serious health issues for you, your family, or