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DIY ProjectsThe Real Neverending Story

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Plumbing problems
With all the ways known to man to save water, so much is still wasted. This probably happens because many people just don’t have the information that teaches them how to make wasting water a thing of their past. It is noted that many homes have leaks that the occupants are not even aware of, which cause a loss of at least 90 gallons of water every day. An interesting fact is that there are leaks inside the walls of homes that may not be detected for a long period of time. These types of leaks can be easily fixed by a homeowner who is even moderately handy. It is plumbing 101. Someone with a little bit of experience with plumbing diy projects can do this kind of repair and save a good 10% on their monthly water bill.
Repairs and installation of new appliances in the home, specifically those in

Beware of Residential Roofing Scams in Your Neighborhood Especially After Storms

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Roofers in denver
If you’re in need of roof repair, be sure to contact residential roofers who are credible, experienced, and not criminals.
Across the country, scammers posing as residential roofers are tricking people into paying high prices for either less than rudimentary repairs or no repairs at all.
One homeowner’s sister was duped into paying over $2,000 to a scammer who never even began working on the roof.
According to News4Jax, an 82-year-old woman, Ruth Simmons, wanted to have her roof repaired as the severe weather months are approaching. Simmons asked her sister, Lois Washington, 77, to hire a roofing contractor to fix her

How Safe Is the Your Family’s Drinking Water?

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Well contractors santa barbara
This second full week in September when most parents are enjoying the fact that their children have returned to school, groups of parents in Flint, Michigan, continue to worry about the unsafe levels of lead int he water that their children are exposed to in the schools that they attend. Even though the federal emergency has been lifted, many parents still fear that the water their children are exposed to is not as safe as it should be.
Additionally, while this second week in September finds Louisiana and Florida residents dealing with unusual amounts of rain in the last few weeks, many California residents still struggle with the drought that has plagued their part of the country for months.
It seems that even when water issues seem to be going better in some parts of the country, the