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Have Your Lost Your Keys? Contact a Residential Locksmith

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How many minutes do you spend every day looking for your house or car keys? Other items, such as your cell phone charger? Your wallet or favorite purse?
On a daily basis, It’s been found that we tend to spend ten minutes or more looking for misplaced or lost items. If these items are urgently needed, such as our wallets or car and house keys, then we may spend even more time searching for them. We need these items, after all, and may not be able to leave the house without them.
What are the most common things we lose? Car keys are in third place, according to a recent survey. House keys are in second place. When these items are lost, it’s good to know that there are residential locksmiths available to make new keys–including a spare set or two.

Where to Hide Your Spare House Keys


Contact a Local Radon Mitigation Company to Test Your Home

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Radon, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), is a natural gas. It is quite dangerous due to being radioactive and has been known to cause lung cancer. Furthermore, since it is odorless and invisible, the only way to know whether you’ve been exposed, and at what levels, is to test for its presence.
While you can purchase a residential radon testing kit to check your home, it makes sense to hire a local radon testing and mitigation service instead. This is because a radon testing and mitigation service will be able to provide the necessary abatement services. Furthermore, these specialists have taken ac

Tips for Getting a Great Window Replacement Job Done

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If you are looking to do a home renovation job that adds a lot of value to your home, looking at replacing your windows may be just the thing you need to do to make a difference in your home. Homeowners who replace their windows with Energy Star rated windows can expect to save a lot of money every year on their utility bills. This is one of the many reasons people will make a window replacement a priority when they are looking into home remodeling projects.

  1. Talk to your neighbors and friends. It is impossible to overstate the value of getting a good personal recommendation when you are looking for decent goods and services. If you know people in your area who own their homes, you probably know people who have used a home remodeling company to put in Continue Reading No Comments