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Preparing for a DIY BackSplash Project

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Turtle pool mosaic
The backsplash of a room can really tie it together and create an upscale and modern overall look. Backsplash is one a current trend that is popping up in houses all over the country. It is used in both bathrooms and kitchens to create accent walls and to cover up plain painted walls. Backsplashes are also a common DIY project, being one of the simpler house remodel projects to complete. If you are planning a backsplash DIY project, ensure that you are prepared for a proper installation.

Remove existing wallpaper, tile, etc.

Before you install a backsplash, you will want to remove existing wall materials. Backsplashes tend to adhere best to drywall, so remove any existing wallpaper, tiles, or other materials. If removing these items creates hotels or wall inconsistencies, they will nee

The 7 Benefits to Adding Hardwood Floors to Your Home

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Carpet installation

When it comes to materials for floors, homeowners have a lot of options. When Houzz ran a survey of what flooring was used by their users, 34% responded that they had hardwood flooring in their homes. At least 54% of all home buyers say that they would pay more for a home with hardwood floors, according to the National Association of Realtors. There are a lot of good reasons for this. There are a number of colors and hardwood floor textures that make it a versatile option. Here are some of the reasons to pick this for your home:

  1. Hardwood floors upgrade the look of any home. No matter which of the hardwood floor textures or colors you select for your home, you add warmth, elegance, style and class to your home when you have hardwood floors installed. People say that they think after they ha

Tired of That Old Carpet? Tear It Up and Have Bamboo Floors Installed

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Strand bamboo flooring
If you’re planning to tear up your living room carpet and resurface your floors, have you considered bamboo flooring? There are several benefits to having bamboo, rather than traditional wood flooring, installed. Not only is natural bamboo flooring the environmentally-friendly choice, this type of flooring is also easy to maintain and available in different styles and colors.
When you have the best bamboo flooring brands installed, you will also be walking on floors that are FloorScore and Clean Air Verified. Premium strand bamboo flooring emits less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as Formaldehyde, which is known to adversely affect interior air quality.
Another advantage of choosing bamboo is that th