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Why You Should Add Hammocks to Your Outdoor Living Space

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A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals showed that nearly seventy-five percent of American adults believe it is important to spent time outside in their yards. This may mean a lot of different things to different people. For example, this could mean swimming in the pool, gardening, playing with kids, or just relaxing in a hammock. Regardless of what they do outside, people like to be outside.
It makes sense then that over half of residential architects believe that the outdoor space plays a significant role in the sale of new homes. They report outdoor living space as the most common special function room. In other words, more people now view their yard as an extension of their home, and they want to be able to spend quality time in their yard.

How To Make Gardening Easier

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Are you someone who enjoys gardening, but have a hard time with it? Maybe you have back pain or joint problems and have a hard time bending over to do certain gardening tasks. However, there are certain tools and techniques you can use to make gardening easier. Landscaping can actually increase the value of a home by 12 percent, and one survey found that over 96% of children surveyed enjoyed gardening. If you and your family are trying to make a beautiful garden, here are three ways to make it easier.
1. Use a tree root saw
This tree root removal tool can help with getting rid of old roots that are in the way when you are gardening. If you have a tree with roots that are gr

Are You Aware of the Limitations of Your Septic Tank System?

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The amount of water needed per person in a single-family home every day is usually 70 gallons. It requires at least a 1000 gallon tank to provide sufficient water to meet the needs of 4 people living in a 2-bedroom household. For larger homes with additional family members, however, tanks with an increased capacity would be needed.
In the United States, 25% of the houses utilize a septic system. It’s important to note that septic tanks need to be large enough to contain 2 days of wastewater. This is because solids tend to require a specific length of time in order to process. Garbage disposals can make an impact on the level of solids that need to break down in a septic tank. It’s been shown that garbage disposals alone can increase these levels by 50%.
Are you aware of how often you need to have