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Taking Care of Your Yard Waste, Recycling, and Composting for the Planet

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Grand rapids waste disposal
This planet we live on is a beautiful one. Some say it is even a touch magical, this perfectly placed third rock from the sun. If you are paying attention, there are incredible things to be seen and experienced every time you turn around. But the price of progress and convenience has added up to be quite high. The way that we, as a species, have failed to care for the planet has led to overflowing landfills and oceans choking on islands made entirely of plastic and other waste. It is time for mankind to step up and make some changes.

Small steps that every person can take toward change
Most people generally learn from a young age that it is a good thing to take care of the planet and to do your part to make a difference. But at this point, many people are of the

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Paints and Polyurethane Clear Coats for the Home or Office

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Crib safe paint
When homeowners are in the process of remodeling or redecorating their homes, it’s a good idea to use environmentally-friendly products. This can make a major difference for people that experience chemical sensitivities. The same holds true for office spaces and other work environments.

The Effect of Volatile Organic Compounds

A CBC Marketplace report indicated, for example, that when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present in the environment, these can cause issues for people with these sensitivities. This is particularly the case when VOC levels exceed over 500 parts per billion.
You may also be interested in the results of a recent cognitive study that was held in an environmentally-controlled office space. The study participants spent six full work days in the TIEQ lab at the Syr

What Are the Health Benefits of Hot Tubs and Spas?

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Hot tubs and spas rockville
Hot tubs conjure up images of luxury, of sipping Chardonnay while soaking in a jacuzzi, under a starlit winter sky after a hard day on the ski slopes. Hot tubs and spas are certainly relaxing and therapeutic, but they’re also surprisingly affordable. Having a hot tub at home can have medical and health benefits, especially for people suffering from arthritic and lower back pain. Hot tubs also add a decorative element to your outdoor living spaces.

Medical and health benefits
The art of hydrotherapy has been practiced for thousand of years, by cultures around the world. Since ancient times, naturally occurring hot springs became spas and religious centers, and people came from near and far to lie in the hearing waters. Hydrotherapy has a range of health benefits.