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Building Foundations on Clay-Rich Soil

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If you own a home that was built on top of clay-rich soils or are considering building in a space that has clay soil, there may be some complications that you will run into. It is possible to build on that type of soil, but it requires special considerations and accommodations due to the things that can go wrong.
Below we will take a look at some of the issues that can arise as well as precautions that you can take to avoid foundation failure.

Soil Analysis

One of the first things you want to do is have your soil analyzed. Identifying clay-rich soils is the first step to dealing with it. There are at home soil testing kits that you can use with ease to figure out your soil configurations.

Potential Issues

One issue you can run into with clay soil is called subsidence. This is where the clay shrinks due to moisture changes and causes the foundation to sink. Sometimes this is caused by trees that are nearby whose roots are sucking up the excess moisture

What To Do About a Faulty Foundation

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Every house is built upon a foundation, but some foundations are more secure and practical than others, and recent models often have fewer foundation issues than others. Texan homes younger than 50 years, for example, are built upon slab foundations that may be superior to older models such as limestone brick foundations. Foundation failure may occur if a very old foundation is wearing down or if issues such as flooding or earthquakes strike a home, and foundation repair may be needed whenever such disaster takes place. The good news is that a foundation repair expert can always be called in to diagnose and repair a problem alone or with a crew, and a foundation repair expert may be sent from a foundation repair company to help a homeowner with their afflicted home. What can go wrong with the foundation or basement of a modern American home? Can a foundation repair expert fix these issues on time?

Common Problems

American homes, new or old, may have faulty basements that

Taking A Closer Look At The Care And Keeping Of Your Foundation Here In The United States

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Here in the United States, home ownership can come with a great deal of responsibilities indeed. After all, many people must care for their homes in many different ways, from the roofing of their home to the water systems to the heating and cooling systems (which can be quite expensive indeed, sometimes even making up as much as half of the typical energy bill). However, taking the time to perform the home maintenance that is necessary will more than pay off at the end of the day.
The same can be said for the foundation of the home. Choosing the right foundation is key, for starters, and will vary based on where you are living and the type of soil that any home or structure will be built on. For instance, most newer homes (homes that have been built within the last half of a century or so, that is) in the state of Texas have been built with a slab foundation. As Texas has as many as 60 different types of soil, the slab foundation is likely to be the most reliable if soils with a h