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Water Bill Higher Than Normal? You Might Have A Leak

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The end of month finally comes and it is time to pay your bills. You are expecting the usual easy-to-pay bill when all of a sudden the bill is hundreds of dollars more than usual. How could that be? Your water usage has not changed. You might have a leak that needs professional sewer repair or maybe your water heater is going bad.
Does this sound more in line with your bill? The water and sewer bill usually runs around $40 a month in the average home residing in the United States, equating to about $500 a year. That is not too bad, but hold on! Simply switching up water usage habits and finding the right plumber to fix your fixtures could actually save you money, as much as $170 in every average home residing in the United States. That is nearly a third of the cost cut.
The average American does not realize how much a single, constant drip from your faucet of pipe can add up. In fact, 10 percent of homes residing in the United States with leaks, are actually wasting 90 gallon