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Why You Should Consider Installing Bamboo Flooring At Home

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Every homeowner seems to have a preference when it comes to floor. Some folks love the feel and the look of hardwood flooring. Others are partial to laminate flooring, vinyl flooring or some other material. Ultimately, a person’s preference for flooring comes down to two things: durability and look/feel.
If you’re looking for durable flooring and looks and feels great, look no further than bamboo flooring. If your local home improvement or furniture store is having a bamboo flooring sale, here’s why you need to take a second look at bamboo flooring:

  • Bamboo flooring has a very high Janka rating, the test used to determine the hardness of flooring types and its resistance to wear and denting. In fact, only three types of wood flooring have a harder Janka rating than bamboo: Brazilian Teak, Tiete Chestnut, and Brazilian Walnut.
  • As far as look goes, bamboo flooring has a contemporary, clean look that usually outperforms other types of

Rain Showers: 3 Considerations to Make

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Homeowners tend to spend a lot of time in their bathrooms every day — from showering to using the toilet to getting ready for the day, bathrooms are a valuable room in the house. This is why more and more people are focusing on making their bathrooms comfortable. And a great place to start with this is revamping your shower. More specifically, installing a rain shower because these types of showers are both efficient and relaxing. So let’s take a look at a few factors to consider if you’re thinking about switching to a rain shower.   Do you have enough room? For this type of shower, you’re going to need to make sure you have enough room. This is because the shower goes straight down and gets water over a bigger surface area than a normal shower. Fortunately, a 2016 HOUZZ Bathroom Trends Study found that 30% of people were increasing their shower size by 50% or more. So hopefully, you already have a pretty big shower area. But if not, make sure this is taken care of before installing a rain shower.   What kind of water pressure do you want? Unlike a standard showerhead, rain showerheads generally rely on gravity to pull the water down — this means the water pressure might be a lot lighter and more drizzle-like. And while this can be an immensely relaxing experience, it may not be exactly what you’re looking for. There are options for additional technology to push the water and give a stronger water pressure. So before your new shower installation is scheduled, figure out what your water pressure options are.   Are you looking to save water? When you’re undergoing some home remodeling, one important thing to keep in mind is how eco-friendly your new projects are. Luckily for you, rain showers already help homeowners conserve water. While most newer showerheads are better about saving water, rain showerheads are a great option for really lowering your water use. But even among these types of showerheads, there are different options regarding water use, so that’s something to consider.   Whenever you’re remodeling your home, it’s important to think about the long-term impacts of your choices. So hopefully, keeping these factors in mind will help you decide whether or not a rain shower is the right fit for you.

Replacing and Updating Wood Items in the Home

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Wood stands as one of the oldest and most beloved construction materials, used for everything from canoes to galleons to houses and tools. Even today, in the face of advanced metal alloys and flexible and lightweight plastic, wood still has its place in modern construction. It has been replaced in some arenas, but wood is difficult or at least unnecessary to replace for other sorts of projects. Home building, for example, still involves plenty of hardwood, and a modern American house will have plenty of wooden surfaces and items in it alongside the concrete foundation, shingle roof, metal pipes for the plumbing, and glass in the windows. Today, many contractors can work with hardwoods of all sorts, and this ranges from restoring historic doors to classic wood windows and custom wood cabinets. In fact, home remodeling often involves refinishing