Cockroaches, Termites And Ants Why You Should Call A Pest Control Service

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Winter is just about on its way. What does that mean for your place of residence or business? Months and months of pests. While you may be tempted to attempt do-it-yourself solutions, the fact of the matter is that pests are notoriously stubborn and are known to resist even dedicated attempts to reducing their numbers. This is where residential pest control and business pest control solutions come in. Using tried-and-true techniques, pest control professionals can get rid of everything from roaches to mosquitoes to termites without a problem.


One of the most damaging pests are termites. These insects will eat through wood in a matter of days, putting your building’s foundation at risk for rotting, mold and even collapsing if unchecked. According to

How to Know When You Have a Pest Problem

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Natural bug control
Bugs belong outside; in fact, it’s healthy to have bugs in nature, as they help to keep the ecosystem balanced. Take earthworms, for example. While certainly creepy crawly, these little buggers belong outside, as they help make soil healthy. But when it comes to bringing them indoors…most people would just rather that not happen. Namely, the disgust and horror incited by bugs such as cockroaches, ants, and centipedes is almost universal. But perhaps this disgust shouldn’t be chalked up to mere grossness. Considering that termites and similar pests can cause an estimated $30 billion of damage on homes across the country in a given year, people have a lot to be upset about. Bed bugs, another common household problem, can cause costly damage in a persons life. And since they lay around one to five eggs a d