Installing Impact Resistant Windows in Condos and Apartments

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Despite many modern advances in technology and science, some parts of the Earth cannot be tamed, so building contractors are tasked with designing buildings and using construction materials that can resist powerful natural phenomena such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and even earthquakes and blizzards. No one can prevent these storms from happening, but commercial buildings in areas prone to such natural disasters can be built with impact resistant windows, hurricane sliding doors, high impact windows, and more to help endure the effects of these devastating storms and other natural events. No contractor wants their condo or apartment blasted apart or hollowed out by a hurricane, so contractors and engineers can develop impact resistant windows, impact sliding doors, and more to help a building survive storms such as hurricanes (common Florid

Three Ways to Secure Your Home and Improve Its Value at the Same Time

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When most people think of the term impact resistant, they often think of their cars. If you live in the southern Florida area, though, chances are the impact in impact resistant has to do with the most dreaded occurrence in the southeastern United States–the hurricane. If you have a home in this beautiful area of the country, you already know how dangerous hurricane season can be every year. Home and business owners who are not prepared for the possible destruction a hurricane can cause can be totally devastated when the wind, rain and flying debris come ripping through town. The best anyone can do is be as prepared as possible to withstand the onslaught of Mother Nature. Design and construction of windows and doors have come a long way since we began building homes on the southern coast. If