The Cost of Life on the Beach

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Natural disasters may not occur often, but when they do, several lives become vulnerable to heart-shattering events.
Many of us are aware of the seemingly perennial hurricanes making their way through different states along the United States border throughout the summers of the last couple years. Social media was a pool of heart-breaking videos of some affected victims, including animals.
A hurricane can destroy the homes of thousands. In fact, a hurricane can wipe out an entire city in just one day. Lives are lost and the most special personal belongings are forever ruined in the blink of an eye. For example, the 2017 disaster, Hurricane Irma, resulted in almost $90 billion worth of damage.
Many people fantasize about life on the beach, and this fantasy often becomes reality for many retired folks. The thought of stepping outside into the soft sand and listening to the ocean waves every morning sounds like the perfect life. But many don’t consider the negatives,