Heating and Cooling Systems or The Heat Pump for Your Home

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Heating and air conditioning are the most common utilities in the United States, with two-thirds of all homes having air conditioners while many also have central HVAC systems. Additionally, there are heat pumps in many homes. Traditional ductwork has the ability to lose up to 40% of all cooling energy, a great value to adding a ductless heating and air conditioning system for improved efficiency.

Heating Systems for The Home

While HVAC is so common for the heating and air conditioning system for a home, there is also the ability to accept a heat pump if cooling is not needed as much. HVAC is often used for both heating and cooling, but not in all areas do you need both. All systems include the need for maintenance on a regular basis, especially if you own your home and want to keep the system running a long time. The best service will likely come from the contractor who originally installed your system as well.
The installation of heating and cooling helps to dete

Now is the Time to Prepare Your HVAC Furnace

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In many states, the temperatures are dropping and the cold seasons are setting in. Many property owners have already had to turn on the furnaces to warm up the homes. They may have noticed funny smells from being off all summer or they may have found that they simply do not work. This month is the best time to test the furnace and even the air conditioning units for next year. It is cold enough to use the furnace, but not quite cold enough that it is a necessity. Preventative maintenance and proper repair should be completed before the winter cold sets in.
Completing repairs prior to the cold winter helps to prevent the HVAC syst

4 Things to Look at When Choosing an HVAC Contractor

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Let’s be honest. Not many of us think very critically about our heating and air conditioning units. Heating and air conditioning have entered the American sphere of entitlement much like indoor plumbing and washing machines have! But if we do stop to think about it, we’d realize that our HVAC system is basically a miracle. Good heating and air conditioning units keep our homes comfortable, save us up to 30% on energy costs, and reduce our exposure to allergens like dust, mold, and dirt. However, even do-all miracle HVAC systems need re