5 Key Benefits of Having Motorized Window Blinds

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Energy efficiency is certainly a primary factor when building or remodeling a home. And one important technological solution that has proved to be both eco-friendly and energy efficient is the use of motorized window blinds.
Motorized shades help regulate heat gain and loss within your house by opening and closing at regular intervals. With the new breed of smart homes being developed, it’s even more possible to have the blinds automatically open and close based on pre-programmed conditions such as temperature and sunlight. This allows you to maximize the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system.
Here are some of the benefits of having windows with automated shades or blinds.
1.Energy Efficient Integrating smart shades with your smart home hub can significantly reduce the amount your HVAC system consumes, This is made possible by allowing the blinds to react separately to stimulus from sunlight and temperatures sensors also integrated to th