What Screens Can You Get From Super Screen™?

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What is Super Screen™?

Super Screen™ is a company the sells the world’s leading outdoor mesh screens. Their screens are incredibly strong, UV protective, have better visibility, and come with a 10 year warranty. Their screen mesh material can stand up to things like golf balls, pets, storms, and insects.
If you are on the market for screen mesh material then you should consider looking into Super Screen™. They offer a wide variety of sizes and rolls to meet the needs of whatever area you are planning to screen in. You can use them anywhere that mesh screening is needed and add a greater level of protection to all areas of your home.

Patio Screens

You can create a lovely outdoor patio space that is safe from bugs and that your pets can enjoy without getting loose. You can get it by the foot or in a 100 foot roll depending on how large the patio is that you ar

Should You Be Paying More Attention To What Your Home Wants And Needs

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It is no secret that when you buy a home and begin to live in it that it starts to lose value. Much like a car, your home can quickly turn into something that you no longer recognize if it isn’t kept up with or taken care of. If you live in a home and have yet to make a single change to it or fix it up you may be in danger of all sorts of problems that can take place within your home. However, if you are the type of people who like a project and enjoy the thought of expanding and taking care of your home than perhaps looking at home additions and figuring out how to improve your home may be in your best interests. Here are some of the rooms that most homeowners choose to remodel.

Kitchen remodel

Doing a kitchen remodel can bring a bigger difference than one might think to their home. It isn’t only about throwing up a fresh coat of paint. No, kitchen remodeling can mean changing t

Choose Curly Cherry Wood or Other Specialty Wood Products for Your Home Improvement Projects

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When it comes to making products, energy efficiency is a significant concern. It’s interesting to note that wood is at the top of the list for energy-efficient materials. Products made out of aluminum, brick, cement, glass, or plastic actually utilize 126 times more energy to construct than wood. Since there continues to be an abundant supply of hardwood timber, it makes sense to utilize wood rather than other materials when possible.

The Hardwood Timber Supply

The USDA Forest Service reported that on an annual basis, there is more hardwood grown than harvested. Since 1953, there has even been a 119% increase in the volume of hardwood tree growth throughout the country’s forests. Furthermore, if hardwood trees ceased to grow, and harvesting them for lumber continued at the same rate as it does today, there would be enough hardwood for over 75 years.

The Use of Wood for New Home Constructions

Almost all, or 94% of new homes, are constructed with wood frames.