Tired of Your Indoor Plants Dying? Try This!

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Getting the Most Out of Your Plants

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably tried keeping plants in your home before; ‘tried’ being the key word. You may be unaware, as I was, that a specific type of soil for potted plants is needed in order for them to flourish.

Why Use Potting Soil?

  1. First and foremost it’s actually highly convenient. All you have to do is grab a bag, and you’ve got all you need for your plants to stay healthier for longer. If you are feeling a little more DIY; however, you can can make your own, though it will take a little bit more work.
  2. Potting soil is lighter than other alternatives, and weight can be something to take into account if you are potting hanging plants. The soil typically include either perlite (a type of volcanic glass), or peat moss, which helps keep the weight low, while providing what growing plants need.
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Reasons to Choose a Home Renovation Company Over DIY

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Home renovation is never something that should be taken lightly. It requires a professional hand and expertise to ensure the longevity of the home and the safety of your family. It can also be a very costly investment and not one you want to have to redo.
When it comes to complex renovations such as window installation and roofing, there’s a lot to consider. Quality of the product as well as quality of the installation will have an effect on multiple things in your home such as energy costs and overall safety. This is why it is wise to hire a contractor or roofer rather than trying to make complex home repairs on your own.

The Cost of Poor Installation and Quality

New home windows and a new roof are expensive investments. You’re going to be spending thousands of dollars whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, especially if you ha

A Single Basement Flood Can Set You Back Thousands Of Dollars The Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

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When it rains, it pours. The winter season is set to bring with it some of the worst humidity and frost you’ve dealt with yet. That’s nothing your crawl space vapor barrier can’t handle, right?

If you’re feeling a little less than enthused on the whole matter, don’t worry. Crawl space waterproofing is a simple series of steps that’ll save you a lot of trouble down the road. A flooded basement alone can set you back thousands of dollars, never mind the potential health hazards brought into the home through mold build-up. When you tack on stubborn leaks and frosted pipes? It’s all a recipe for disaster wrapped up on your front doorstep with a bow on top.

Don’t give bad weather the time of day. Learn more about how to keep your crawl space vapor barrier moisture free.

Basements Are Notorious For Flooding

Think your basement will be free from flood damage? Think again. Of all homes with basements in the United States, at least 95